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Camping committed to the environment on the Ile d’Oléron

Quality, Development & Sustainable Tourism in Charente-Maritime at the Campsite

To preserve the quality and diversity of the landscapes on the Ile d’Oléron, and to make it possible to enjoy the environment in the long term, it’s important to respect nature.

Le Maine campsite, in the heart of the Ile d’Oléron, is committed to this new way of thinking, which is more topical than ever.

The idea is to “disconnect from our daily lives to reconnect with nature”, and take the time to savour, discover and understand.

It’s a time for vacations and freedom, far from the constraints of work and daily life, yes, but all the while preserving life, resources and biodiversity.

Our action involves efficient waste management, ecological maintenance and resource conservation.

The activities chosen are in line with our values of relaxation and well-being. Activities and games encourageexchange, family bonding andteam spirit, and raise awareness of sustainable development through play.

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Our Family Plus label

Certified “Famille Plus” since 2016, a national label, Camping Le Maine is committed to a comprehensive approach aimed at families, to “enjoy great experiences together”. The aim is to enhance the welcome and information given to families by raising awareness of the environment and heritage of the commune and Ile d’Oléron.

eco responsible camping in Charente Maritime

Our environmental actions at the Charente-Maritime campsite

Camping Le Maine is committed to slow tourism and micro-tourism to promote ethical tourism, fundamentally focused on environmental, societal and economic well-being.

Eco-friendly modes of transport are highlighted. The partnership with the bike rental company reduces carbon footprint by delivering bikes directly to the campsite. Our customers can easily get around by bike or bus, with the summer shuttle bus stopping at the entrance to the campsite, “CAMPING Le Maine”, and thus contributing to soft mobility.

Our mobility tips focus on ease of access, but also distance, to walk to Vert-Bois beach or by bike or bus to the market or supermarket.

The campsite is taking part in an awareness-raising and information campaign to discover and protect the natural environments of the Ile d’Oléron, and to encourage reasonable consumption of water and electricity – important issues for all of us.

Selective waste collection using special containers (household waste, glass, paper, recyclable household packaging, shellfish), and distribution of sorting memos (sorting guides), is in place all year round.

A compost area is available to all campers.

Vegetation and shredded branches used to maintain the campsite are composted all year round, or taken to the EcoPôle in Dolus, 6 minutes away, to be reused as wood chips or other materials and made available to the local population, both private individuals and craftsmen.

Actions to promote sustainable consumption

EU standards are taken into account to protect consumers.

Local consumption as well as local development is important for the campsite, which is why we use French and local companies to create our accommodation.

The Le Maine campsite is also particularly keen to offer regional and local products, to contribute to the local economy and responsible consumption.

Our suppliers, like the foodtrucks, are chosen for their home cooking and encourage the introduction of local products on their menus.

Dry toilets have been set up in unusual accommodations, and the compost they produce is recycled to benefit green spaces and cultivation.

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Social commitments of camping à Oléron

Bringing people together, by creating a dynamic in the heart of Oléron’s life, is a societal approach that is close to our hearts: the café-grocery contributes to this, as do the food-trucks open to all tourists and locals alike, and the installation of a recharging point for electric vehicles on our site, available to the local population all year round.

Our benevolence with the surrounding neighborhood, our actions torespect the nature of the Ile d’Oléron and its biodiversity, our willingness to participate and involve our customers in cultural and heritage life, the pleasure of sharing in the respect of living things – these are all actions for the balance of each of us and a daily priority.

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Tomorrow’s campsite in Charente Maritime

In order to adapt to future environmental concerns, we are initiating studies into eco-responsible housing, water management and offering not just one energy source, but several. These three topics are already part of experiments carried out by Camping Le Maine.