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The forests of Oleron

Managed by the ONF (forestry administration), the state-owned forests on Oléron are scattered across the island, and mainly comprise three massifs. The total surface area of Oléronaise forests is 2,900 hectares.

Entirely sown by man in the early 19ᵉ century, its purpose at the time was mainly to protect dwellings. It represents a natural link between the island’s inhabitants and the Atlantic Ocean, and is made up mainly of maritime pines and holm oaks.

These areas, with their rich fauna, are the property of the French government, and several agents from the Office National des Forêts (National Forestry Office) reside on the island to ensure the protection of the flora and fauna. These professionals are responsible for planting, maintaining and cleaning these areas.
To discover all the species of animals and birds you might come across on your vacation, you’ll find all the information you need at this link: Oleron’s wildlife.

Wellness in the forest, the “Forest BATHS”.

Just a stone’s throw from Le Maine campsite, the largest forest on the Ile d’Oléron provides the perfect setting for hiking, with numerous footpaths, cycle paths and a fitness trail at Vert-Bois on the doorstep of our campsite. It’s also an ideal place to indulge in “FOREST BATHS” and outdoor YOGA.

Take full advantage of this biological wealth and nature escape, making it a remarkable “NATURA 2000” listed site.

The Saint-Trojan state forest

This coastal forest covers 3 communes in the south of the island of Oléron, with a total surface area of 1867 hectares, or 1/10th of the island’s 174.39km² surface area. It is mainly composed of maritime pines.

Representing an ideal, natural vacation setting, with the Atlantic Ocean and the wide, fine sandy beaches of the part of the island known as the “wild coast”. There are 3 communes on Oléron where you can take advantage of this setting and the advantages offered by the terrain, fauna and flora: Dolus d’Oléron, Le Grand Village Plage and Saint Trojan les Bains.

Le Maine campsite offers you the chance to discover this forest thanks to the signposted hiking and cycling trails that start in the commune of Grand Village Plage.

For more information on the tours available during your vacation, you’ll find all the information you need on this page: Randonnée Oléron – Grand village plage.

The Saint Trojan forest is the largest forest on the Atlantic coast, with one of the most complete ecosystems.

Domino’s forest

The third largest forest on the Ile d’Oléron, covering 164 hectares in the commune of Saint Georges d’Oléron, it is made up mainly of maritime pines, interspersed with holm oaks and oaks.
Like the other two state forests on the island of Oleron, it boasts a wealth of flora and fauna and is protected by the ONF.